Meet the Artist

Welcome to my colorful art haven and boutique. I'm Michelle Christine, artist and owner behind 'Shells Christine Art.' My artistic journey has taken me through various mediums and experiences. From writing and theater in my school days to owning a photography business, I've always been captivated by the magic of capturing personalities through art. 

My fascination with photography evolved into a deep love for digital art. This newfound passion led me to explore portrait drawing, where I could delve even deeper into my subjects' personalities and emotions. 

What drives my art is the blend of connection and wanderlust. Art and traveling are how I want to spend the rest of my life. With family and friends in every part of the country, we travel as often as we can. Every destination I visit becomes a source of inner peace and inspiration to create more art. When traveling, I always seek out vibrant, floral, pretty, and rainbow-colored art from each place I explore. It's not just a souvenir. It's a reflection of the world's diversity and beauty. That's what I hope to share through my clothing designs. 

When I'm not creating art, I'm spending time at home with my family in the Wine Region of Upstate New York, enjoying all the lakes and waterfalls and hiking in the area.